Building a better Home


Imagine walking into an automobile dealership and seeing two cars available. One is a 2014 model year. The other is a 1997 model year of the exact same car.  It is unused, with the same few miles on the odometer. It has been kept on the showroom floor in immaculate condition for 17 years.  When you inquire about the price for each car, you are told they are the same.  For the same price you can either purchase a brand new 2014 car with all the safety and fuel consumption advantages we have developed, or you can purchase a 1997 version which will cost more to operate, is less safe, and has limited parts resources.  The 2014 has a bluetooth connection with your phone and will load your entire music collection.  The 1997 has both CD and cassette.  This choice is ridiculous, yet it is the choice you have when custom building a home. Your home builder is building a home to the local building code. This code may not have been updated for decades.  Construction technology is like any other technology. It has researchers making advances every day. These advances can make your home stronger, longer lasting, and more energy efficient.  Energy Up can show you how to build a home that is modern in construction and costs less to operate with the same up front construction costs.  We can be your contractor or work with a contractor of your choosing to ensure that every design and construction advantage you deserve is used.  Contact Energy Up to talk about how your home can avoid being a “new” 15 year old home.